I'm announcing LUV's second single and sub-units. First, the second single.

Question 1: Who Will Be The Center Of The Second Single?

And now, the sub-units

Question 2: Kira, Akane, and Sakurako are pre-determined as leaders for the sub-units. Which pattern will be perfect?

Pattern 1: Kira With Sakura And Kawai, Sakurako With Hana And Aoi, Akane With Mami And Miyuki

Pattern 2: Kira With Miyuki And Kawai, Sakurako With Hana And Mami, Akane With Sakura And Aoi

Pattern 3: Kira With Hana And Mami, Sakurako With Kawai And Sakura, Akane With Aoi And Miyuki

Pattern 4: Kira With Mami And Aoi, Sakurako With Sakura And Kawai, Akane With Hana And Miyuki

Pattern 5: Kira With Sakura And Hana, Sakurako With Miyuki And Aoi, Akane With Mami And Kawai

Pick an answer for these questions!

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